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Diving package

€ 170

package of 5 dives / per person

€ 320

10 dive package / per person

the reservation requires a deposit of 20%

fondale isole tremiti

To fully experience the wonders that only an enchanted place like the Tremiti Islands can offer, don't give up on the package of 5 or 10 dives! Live your adventure to the full and visit the fantastic seabed, discovering a particular and unique fauna and flora, a rare beauty that you will only find here!

Book your dives now and get ready for unforgettable days, full of underwater life and surface fun, together with the professionalism of our AquoStaff and their enveloping joy. Surround yourself with wonders and, together with the right people, you will be overwhelmed by memorable days and the uniqueness of an AQUODIVING experience!


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